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The top 5 Celebrities who suffer from Gynecomastia

Like with the rest of the population, even celebrities eventually hit a point in their career where they have been a little too relaxed with their day to day lives and may have gained a few lbs…. or a couple of man boobs! It also gets to a point in these celebs lives that they look at just how much fame, money and woman they could have and maybe start to not spend so much time at the gym working out and maybe start to enjoy more of life’s treats instead.

In this article we will be looking and talking about a few celebrity men that have once in their lifetime been caught on camera with their male breasts on show and lets be honest they don’t look too concerned. This hopefully highlights to those men amongst the rest of the population, and looking at the statistics it’s one in 3, that you are not alone and the celebrities have to put up with them too:

imon-man-boobs ack-nicholson-man-boobs ick-ross-man-boobs

Above are a number of photos that catch a selection of male celebrities with their males boobs on show and let’s be honest, they don’t look ashamed of them!

Above we have Simon Cowell who is the American Idol Judge who in the past may have been more toned but this is not the case now.
Next we have Jack Nicholson who many will know from such films like Batman, Anger Management maybe A few good men? Jack seems happy sitting on his boat catching some sun without a care in the world!

Although some might not know Rick Ross, he is a well-knownrapper. Rick is a large chested man and as you can see also supports a good set of boobies.

Ice T is next on our list and as you can see as he strolls through the sea he is also carrying a couple of male breasts – again carrying no shame with them!

Jack Black might be a little “chunkier” compared to our other celebs but he is certainly a man who is proud of his boobs. Black apparently praises that he’s gifted with “more cushion for the pushin”.

Jorge Garcia (‘Hurley from Lost’) Garcia is certainly one of the curviest gentlemen in American entertainment today. Jorge has been said to have spent years of his life on a Pacific island without either losing weight or ever taking his top off.

David Hasselhoff who is most famous for his role in Baywatch where he sported a much more trimmer and toned body poses here with a vest on where quite clearly you can see his man boobs.

Arnold Schwarzneggar might not display the healthiest man boobs, but he was at one point the strongest man in the world, butunfortunately those days are long behind him.

Finally  David Gest who may be sitting in bit of an unflatteringposition however this clearly shows that he is carrying some extra weight and has formed a couple of weighty “pecks.”

As you have read from the above it isn’t just a few of us that suffer from man boobs it is in fact 1/3 of the population. Many celebrities also carry the extra weight on their top halves and some of them are not afraid to show it!

Male breasts come in all shapes and sizes and can be anything from “sidewinders”, “old man droopers”, “D-cuppers”, “perkies”, “lobsters”, “whoolymammaries”, “back boobs”, “cross-eyes” and “frightened freckles”. It doesn’t matter because one in three of you men have them;it’sjust a matter of accepting them or actually biting the bullet and doing something about them.


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