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Arthritis- 3 warning symptoms…

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Arthritis is a complex disease that can acquire more than hundred types and categories. With so many types, the clinical identification of each specific type of arthritis is sometimes the biggest challenge for the physician. From the patient’s perspective, however, seeking early treatment remains the single most important factor in controlling the disease at an early stage, regardless of the type of arthritis.
Therefore, it is important for everyone to “know” and “understand” what the major and common symptoms of arthritic disease are. The term “triplet” or a “triad” is used to denote or indicate “three” common warning signs or symptoms that are present in almost all cases of arthritis during some stage of the disease.

  1. Pain or tenderness in joints: One of the earliest symptoms is pain or tenderness in the affected joints. Such painful joints can acquire many types and forms such as typical joint pain/tenderness, joint aching, and joint swelling, tender joint and / or swollen joint. In a national survey of 212,510 adults =18 years old in the United States, arthritis or chronic joint pain, ache, stiffness, or swelling was found to affect one in three adults. Arthritic joint pain is usually not continuous i.e. can come and go and is usually associated with the movement of the affected joints.

  2. Stiffness / rigidity in joints: Difficulty in moving the affected joints has been historically associated with arthritis. It is also known as joint stiffness or rigidity depending on the condition of the patient. Joint stiffness in the morning or after rest, in particular, is a classical sign of rheumatoid arthritis.  

  3. Swelling in joints: Similarly, presence of joint swelling on examination can most significantly distinguish between inflammatory and non-inflammatory joint disease. Clinically or medically known as “edema”, joint swelling is a typical and common sign of inflammatory arthritis such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Patients typically report increase in temperature in the painful limb, as well as intermittent redness and swelling on or around the affected joints.

Provailen – One treatment for all symptoms

When it comes to the herbal or natural treatment of arthritis, one of the common issues is that not all supplements will address all the major problems of arthritis. With Provailen, however, testimonials and users’ experiences show that most of the arthritis sufferers were able to get rapid and yet sustained relief from all of the (including the three classic) symptoms within few days and yet, without having any significant side effects or complications.


While the above mentioned “three” symptoms are considered as the “classic triad or triplet” in arthritis, they are not always present in every case and type of arthritis. You should, therefore, never self-diagnose yourself being arthritis-free or arthritic based solely on the presence or absence of these symptoms.

Also, it is not necessary that all of these symptoms will always “coexist” simultaneously. In fact, in many cases, they occur one by one, with pain often being the early symptom. The best practice, therefore, is to always consult your doctor and have an expert opinion. Even your doctor will not diagnose you as an “arthritis patient” only due to the presence of these symptoms and a further confirmation of blood tests and X-rays is always needed.



joint relief solution, Arthritis Pain Relief, thumb joint pain, big toe joint pain, treatment for arthritis, arthritis remedies, arthritis in knee, shoulder joint pain