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Arthritis aids for day to day living

An at-a-glance review

Arthritis is a chronic, progressive, debilitating and often crippling illness that can really complicate your daily life and lifestyle. In many cases, if not controlled and managed early, arthritis symptoms can literally make one’s life hell which will not only result in signification reduction of the overall quality of one’s life but will also severely impair his / her psychosocial status. Since arthritis is a multi-faceted disease with symptoms involving multiple systems and joints simultaneously, therapy alone will not fully control or resolve the issue. This is where the role of the so called “assistive devices” or “arthritis products or aids” comes into play. The following article is intended to provide an at-a-glance review of some of the main and commonly used aids in arthritis:

Common arthritis aids used in day to day living

  1. Arthritis cane: Since arthritis is common in elderly, one of the key tools used is an efficient walking cane. It is considered more significant than any other support particularly because it not only helps as a strong mobility support but is also crucial in helping them remain safe as a pedestrian while walking.

  2. Ankle braces: They are best used to “fix” or immobilize the affected or injured ankles which results in progressive and yet rapid recovery of the bones and the joints. In addition to their “corrective” role, they also have “preventive’ function and can be effectively used to prevent “sports injuries”.

  3. Back chair support: Also known as back support, a back chair support is of vital importance in people suffering from spinal or lumbar arthritis. Depending on the vertebral joints affected, they can either be cervical (used around the neck), thoracic (used at the back of the chest) and lumbar (used at the back of the abdomen). Such aids not only help with the body posture and position but also provide crucial pain relief. Some examples of back chair supports include back support cushions, collars, belts and pillows.

  4. Electric wheel chairs: While relatively expensive than other arthritis aids and manual wheel chairs, electric wheel chairs are now considered as one of the most sophisticated and easier-to-operate tools used in day-to-day arthritis living. They virtually make accessibility swift and simpler for arthritis sufferers, allowing users to move around freely and independently. They also save power, strength and upper body motion while completely eliminating the need for a second person for operation and handling.

  5. Miscellaneous arthritis supports: Finally, depending on the type and nature of your arthritis, your doctor can also recommend a number of other arthritis aids including up easy lifting cushions, pen and door knob grippers, sacroiliac belt, foot warmers, warm water bottles, foot and hand massagers, back massagers, hand, arm and ankle straps, can openers, gas cap tuners, hot and cold gel packs, climbing wheel chairs and step stools etc,.

All in all, if chosen wisely and after proper research and consideration, most of the above-listed arthritis aids and assistive devices can really make life easier for arthritis sufferers irrespective of their race, gender and age. The use of such tools and devices will not only make you more independent, free and flexible but will also result in plenty of time and cost-savings for you and your entire family.



joint relief solution, Arthritis Pain Relief, thumb joint pain, big toe joint pain, treatment for arthritis, arthritis remedies, arthritis in knee, shoulder joint pain