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Discovering top three exercises for arthritis

An expert review

As a matter of fact, almost all kinds of arthritis are directly related to the “mobility, stability and vitality” of the joints. It is now well established that various forms of arthritis, specially rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, in particular, often lead to joint related signs and symptoms such as “immobility, rigidity and stiffness”. These clinical manifestations do not only cause bothersome pain but also lead to severe debilitating changes in daily lifestyle as well.

Regular exercise plays a significant role in treating, improving and preventing such joint pain and mobility related signs and symptoms.  As mentioned above, since the key issue here is that of joint stiffness, immobility and rigidity, many rheumatologists, physiotherapists and naturopaths highly recommend certain “flexibility” workouts to improve working condition and functions of the affected joints.
For maximum benefits, your exercise plan should ideally include three kinds of workouts or exercises including:

  1. Flexibility exercise: Flexibility exercises are essential due to the fact that having flexible muscles allows your joints to move through a full range of motion. In arthritis, you definitely need a certain amount of flexibility to move smoothly, avoid muscle tension and to keep your body protected from injury. Some of the recommended flexibility exercises include stretching, Yoga and bends. Many arthritis sufferers with joint and back problems find that yoga eases their pain. Yoga releases emotional stress, as well as the physical tension that often deposits itself in the back; it also strengthens the spine and improves all-over flexibility.

  2. Aerobic or cardiovascular exercise (for your heart and lungs): Arthritis sufferers often cut back on activity, but studies show that moderate cardiovascular exercise actually reduces pain and swelling. While you must avoid joint pounding workouts like jogging or tennis, low- or no-impact exercises like swimming, aqua-aerobics, cycling, and walking are excellent choices for the “cardio” workouts. Remember, you don’t need to run a marathon: mild to moderate aerobic exercise should be enough. Even a brisk walk, taken thirty minutes every morning, is a goal most of us can easily achieve.

  3. Strength training: Certain strength training exercises such as small to moderate weight lifting (to keep your bones strong), and also help to maintain muscle mass. Resistance training, for example, is an excellent form of strength training. The purpose of resistance band stretches is to target the muscles of the arms, hips, legs, chest and back.  By using a resistance band or tube, you can deepen your stretch and increase your joint flexibility. Resistance band stretches also help in improving your body flexibility thus preventing any major injuries.

In addition to the above exercises, other techniques that can be used to reduce physical as well as mental stress will ultimately help with joint mobility and pain. Yoga, prayer, reading, and many other techniques can be used to reduce the effects of joint stress. And finally, to effectively manage a severe and chronic condition such as arthritis, you may need some additional help in finding ways to over­come arthritis-specific barriers to physical activity. Using an original and safe natural anti-arthritis herbal supplement such as Provailen is one of such effective ways that significantly reduces swelling, stiffness and tenderness of the affected joints and provides the much-needed muscular boost to carry on the above-mentioned arthritis-specific exercise in arthritis sufferers. Finally, you must remember that it is never too late to start. People who begin exercise and weight-lifting programs as late as their nineties show marked improvement in their general as well as joint-related health. If you’re older, ill, or overweight, consult with your doctor before beginning an exercise plan.



joint relief solution, Arthritis Pain Relief, thumb joint pain, big toe joint pain, treatment for arthritis, arthritis remedies, arthritis in knee, shoulder joint pain