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Top 5 Myths Of Arthritis

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Fact versus fiction…

Like many other health disorders and disease, there have been several myths, misconceptions and false assumptions associated with various forms of arthritis and, unfortunately, many people still adhere to them, ending up with worsening of symptoms instead of improving.
The following article intends to highlight some of those common myths related with arthritis and will help you differentiate between fact and fiction. It must be remembered that the main cause of the formation and spread of these myths is lack of proper understanding of the arthritis as  a disorder, little or no knowledge about the development of disease and unnecessary delay in diagnosis and treatment of its signs and symptoms.

Fact: Arthritis is a “major”, severely debilitating chronic disease that often lasts forever (for life). Also, arthritis is the number 2 crippling disease of Americans after heart disease. However, fortunately, if managed early and properly, arthritis is a fully controllable and manageable condition.  

Fact: It is, indeed, true that in every age group the proportion of women who have arthritis is substantially higher than the proportion of men with the condition.  For example, in US alone, almost two-thirds of all Americans living with arthritis are women. However, arthritis is also common in men and about 18.1 % men (in every age group) are affected by this problem.

Fact: While the term arthritis literally means “joint inflammation,” it is generally used to refer to a family of more than “100 different conditions or disorders” that affect the joints and may also affect muscles and other tissues. The most common of these are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Fact: While joint pain is, perhaps, the most common and influential symptom of arthritis, it is just a “symptom” and not the disease itself. The other common symptoms (signs) of arthritis within a joint include:
• Swelling
• Tenderness
• Stiffness
• Redness and/or
• Warmth

Fact: While it is true that, according to the current estimates, more than 50 percent of people over age sixty-five have clinical signs of arthritis, it does not mean this condition does not occur in young or middle age people. In fact, it can even occur in infants and children. The terms Idiopathic Arthritis of Childhood (IAC) or Juvenile Arthritis (JA) are well known in medical community. JA is used as an ‘umbrella’ term for arthritis in childhood and is the diagnosis when the child’s symptoms occur between birth and sixteen years of age. Similarly, a significant number of middle age men and women, especially those in forties and fifties can also get the arthritis problem.

All in all, to successfully manage the signs and symptoms of arthritis and to completely control its further progress, it is essential to have a proper understanding of the arthritis as a disease. Differentiating between myths and facts is, therefore, necessary for everyone. Once you know the difference between these myths and facts, you can actually regain your mobility, activity and vigorous lifestyle and also prevent any complications of arthritis in future. In fact. with simple, natural lifestyle and dietary modifications such as daily exercising, healthy low-fat, high protein-eating and taking herbal supplement such as Provailen can help prevent the development of arthritis in the first place or at least minimize its risks. Provailen, in particular, not only helps you get rid of various bothersome arthritis symptoms but also acts as a best preventive supplement to stop any future “flare ups” of arthritis.


joint relief solution, Arthritis Pain Relief, thumb joint pain, big toe joint pain, treatment for arthritis, arthritis remedies, arthritis in knee, shoulder joint pain