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Why Would a Colon Cleanse Possibly Benefit Arthritis?

natural cures Bowtrol, bowtrol, stomach problems, colon hydrotherapy For the past decade, many people have discovered that a colon cleanse can possibly be beneficial to their health.

What is A Colon Cleanse?

A colon cleanse can have many meanings.  For the medical profession, a colon cleanse is cleaning out the colon with an enema prior to colonoscopy or colon surgery. The enemas used are generally ones containing magnesium salts that cause evacuation of the bowel.

For the alternative healing professions, a colon cleanse is usually a combination of herbs that are designed to gently move out the contents of the bowel and also support the digestive system, too. For example, herbs might be included that would decrease gas, feed the intestinal lining nutrients it needs, or set up the environment so that the proper bacteria can live there.

A colon cleanse such as this may be taken for longer periods of time, such as six weeks so that optimal healing of this area of the body can occur. However, if the colon cleanse contains herbs like senna, it is really only a temporary colon cleanse that should be used only for a few days. Senna can irritate the colon and is only meant to be a short-term use type of herb.

Why Would the Colon Collect Waste Matter?

The purpose of using a colon cleanse is to move out excess waste from the body. It is said by alternative healthcare experts such as colonic hydrotherapists that many of us carry around an extra 10 to 15 pounds of old fecal matter in the colon. 

The colon – or any other area of the body – was never meant to collect waste. Just as the trash in your kitchen should be carried out daily, the same thing is true about your colon. If you aren’t having a bowel movement at least a few times a day to keep up with the meals you are eating, you have to ask yourself, where is it going?

The answer is that the waste is sitting in the colon. The colon is the largest organ, second only to the skin. If waste is accumulating in your colon, what do you think happens to it? Does it stay there?

The problem is that the longer it sits there, the more the waste is subject to diffuse to other parts of the body. Chemists call this process diffusion; it’s where a concentration of one substance in high amounts flows to an area where it is found in lower amounts.

As a result of diffusion, some of the waste products can end up in your bloodstream, too. And this is where arthritics have to pay attention – the waste products end up settling in your joints! Of course, they can also go to other places, such as areas of old injuries, or collect in other organs.

Results Many People Feel From a Colon Cleanse

One of the most common comments heard by people who have finished a colon cleanse is that their joints can move more freely and there’s not as much pain in them.  By cleansing the colon, you remove waste products from your body that have the potential to end up in your joints. You feel better whenever your body can operate at optimum levels – and optimum means the least amount of waste products flowing through your bloodstream.

Consider this as a secondary way to relieve joint pain. You may be quite surprised with the results.



joint relief solution, Arthritis Pain Relief, thumb joint pain, big toe joint pain, treatment for arthritis, arthritis remedies, arthritis in knee, shoulder joint pain