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Many of our major illnesses and other health problems have been linked to heavy snoring; a list which includes coronary disease, stroke, diabetes and a number ofother very serious health issues that are known to be closely related.

Equally well researched are the effects of the resultant poor sleep value on performance at work, where in some cases, it puts life atrisk for those in charge of vehicles or machinery. Although closely related to older men, it is no respecter of age or of sex and it is known to produce arange of quite severe behavioural problems in our children and also cause poor attention levels in class.

So if you snore - get help. It is easy to do so and very important. Talk to your GP or Dentist and they will advise you ofthe choices available to help you eliminate or diminish your snoring and make your future health a safer bet. These solutions are simple and inexpensive Check the latest range of SleepPro mouthpieces, listed and approved by the NHS. It will contribute significantly to help eliminate the problem of your snoring - pleasing your partner a great deal - and helping you to avoid the many long term health dangers that snoring brings to adults including stroke, heart attacks and diabetes.

Make it your New Year Resolution for 2013 to Stop Snoring byeliminating sleepless nights with a Mandibular Advancement Device(MAD). Mandibular Advancement Devices are commonly referred to as stop snoring mouthpieces or mouth guards and they are used to treat patients suffering from the problems of heavy snoring or Obstructive Sleep Apnoea. In order to understand how amouthpiece works, it's important tofirst understand a little bit about the method, as well as the strong relationship between snoring and sleep apnoea disorders.

Sleep Apnoea is characterized by frequent pauses in respiration while the sufferer sleeps. The patient simply isn't aware that they stopped breathing in their sleep. In the daytime these symptoms often manifest as depression, constant tiredness or just overall malaise. As the body struggles to breathe at night, you wake up feeling exhausted. A recent survey gave regional figures where some places were worse when itcomes to restless nights. Snoring and Intermittent breathing are the most common symptoms of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea. Note that when itisactually Central Sleep Apnoea the sufferer often does not snore and Mandibular Advancement Devices are usually not prescribed. Asyour body relaxes during sleep, so do the smooth muscles in your airway through which your lungs receive oxygen as you breathe.

Unfortunately, in some individuals these muscles drastically loosen to the point where the airway is blocked. The airway istube shaped, very like a garden hose. Unlike the garden hose, which will hold shape - in OSA sufferers this tube "flattens" due to lack of muscle tightness. With the airway collapsed, it becomes hard for air to pass through it into the lungs, and the muscles begin to vibrate against one another as the air passes through.

This vibration is a sound that we know as snoring. For many patients,this begs the question....What does amouth guard have to do with the airway in my throat? How can that help?

Any individual with a back ground in medicine can tell you that mouth, nose, and throat are inseparable when it comes to treating disease and disorders. A medical problem originating in the throat can show
it's effects else where and will do so.

Mandibular Advancement Devices work by moving the lower jaw slightly forward . It's that simple - and all SleepPro appliances are NHS Approved.
This artificial pushing on your jawbone causes the muscles in your throat to tighten lessening the obstruction in the airway. This allows more space for air to pass through to the lungs and dramatically decreases the likelihood that you will snore in your sleep.
In fact, many individuals who have not been diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnoea choose to purchase these mouth guards over the counter oronline, as their primary concem is to stop snoring.

There are many varieties ofthese devices available. Your physician may recommend you start with the
standard version to see how you find it. If it shows signs ofworking there are further options available: the SFA or Self Fit Adjustable version that has lots of micro-adjustments possible for additional comfort of fit and improved performance. These devices are inexpensive and the mouthpieces are often crafted of soft plastics. The ultimate version is Custom fiitted from a mould made at home in a few seconds, and then sent to SleepPro for a fully tailored version.

Frankly, it's a small expense that can even prove to be life-saving in many instances as snoring is so closely related to serious illness if left untreated.
Many individuals are totally unaware that snoring is associated with any sort ofsleep disorder. Luckily, there is now agrowing awareness of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea and many people searching for methods on how to stop snoring often discover after visiting their physician that their snoring is only a symptom of the problem and not the disorder itself.


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