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MaleExtra Review

How to enhance & retain your erection naturally?

Top hints & tips…

While the medical treatment (allopathic medicine) has become the norm in many cultures, it is not the only treatment option for erectile dysfunction or impotency in males. It is true that conventional Western medicine (often called allopathic or orthodox medicine) is the system of medicine taught at most medical schools, and many pharmaceutical and synthetic medicines are manufactured and marketed according to the principles of allopathic medicine. ..... read more

How to improve your prostate function?

Natural hints & tips 

The following modifications and alternative therapy options are often recommended by sexologists, male health experts and doctors to improve the health of prostate gland and its role in sex.

Dietary supplements

A nutritional supplements may help improve prostate function due to its safe and natural ingredients. It not only increases the quantity and quality of prostatic secretions but also brings considerable improvement in your sexual life aspects such as ejaculation, erection and enlargement.

Other lifestyle changes

Following lifestyle modifications and changes are usually recommended to enhance and improve the health of your prostate gland and its role in your sexual life:

  • Avoiding substances that may irritate the bladder, such as alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, citrus foods and hot spicy foods is sometimes helpful as these products are irritating to the prostate
  • Drinking 8 to 12 glasses of water each day promotes frequent urination which helps flush out the urinary tract system.
  • Increasing dietary fiber to prevent constipation can also help relieve symptoms of any prostate related disease. Taking warm baths help some individuals.
  • Sitting in a warm tub of water for 20 minutes twice a day may also help with the discomfort
  • Selenium, Vitamin E and Zinc are believed to protect the prostate
  • If you have any prostate infection, avoid intercourse until antibiotics are complete
  • Use condoms with a spermicidal jelly or foam during intercourse
  • Having more sex often brings improvement in symptoms of chronic prostatitis (long term inflammation of prostate). Most of men with chronic prostatitis notice that the more they ejaculate, the easier it is to urinate. That's because the ejaculation helps empty the prostate of secretions that may hinder urination
  • Practice good genital hygiene. If you are a man who has not been circumcised, good hygiene includes gently pulling back the foreskin to wash the tip of the penis every time you bath or shower. This helps to prevent urinary tract infections, which can lead to prostatitis. You should also get prompt treatment of any urinary tract problems. This reduces the chance of prostate infection.


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How to delay ejaculation naturally?

The best and safe way…

Premature ejaculation is the most prevalent condition of all male sexual problems, a fact that has been obscured by the increased attention to erectile dysfunction. In fact, premature ejaculation is considered the most commonly experienced male sexual dysfunction, affecting tens of millions of American men.  Estimates suggest that as many as one third of all sexually active men suffer from this condition. ..... read more

Foreskin of your penis

Can foreskin problems be prevented?


The foreskin of your penis works as a sheath to protect the sensitive glans (head) of the penis from friction and dryness, maximizing the sensitivity of the glans and the man's pleasure during sexual activity. As the foreskin slides back with erection and penetration, the glans is left uncovered to come into direct contact with the soft, moist vaginal walls. Hence, as you penis elongates, the double fold of skin (foreskin) provides the skin necessary for full expansion of the penile shaft. ...... read more

The L-Arginine & PenisHealth connection

The double duo

What is L-Arginine?

L-Arginine is a natural amino acid (a basic unit of protein) which is considered highly effective for the treatment of a variety of male reproductive health related disorders such as impotency.
It also acts as a natural aphrodisiac i.e. libido booster, specifically in men. Some people also call L-arginine is, as the "Natural Viagra", ...... read more


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