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Carbon Or Titanium

Bike Frame made from Carbon Or Titanium?

Before you choose one, this is the comparison Carbon frame versus Titanium frame.


Carbon is comfortable and tight with great handling functioning and appears great. The costs may vary by quite a lot because carbon frames depending on the character of the carbon and how the frame manufactured. There a re frames with pipes jointed with a lug system or monocoque, which appears more built-in as the frame is absorbed with the carbon material. Both systems are solid and give a sure total of comfort with hardness. You don’t mention metal, it also is tight, solid and light, but gives a very harsh ride without much comfort, you don’t see so many metal frames these days.
The price of a carbon frame might problem as expensive and if you damage the carbon weave it difficult to repair, not impossible, but not easy. The carbon will lose its hardness with time. You can repainted if there are any scratches or any damage must be analysed for weakness.


With titanium frame, it has been built properly, it will never wear out. This is the negative point for people who like to change bikes every few years. Titanium has comfort as well as strength, but can feel imprecise in the handling. Titanium looks always good.
Titanium price is expensive, if damage can be repaired, Titanium will not be painted, Titanium frames can feel soft.