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Pure Acai Berry Max

Pure Acai Berry Max, acai antioxidant, acai benefits, acai berries scam

19 Different Amino Acids – The Building Blocks Of Protein

Pure Acai Berry Max, acai antioxidant, acai benefits, acai berries scam

Sometimes, you really have to marvel at the complexity of our bodies.  It is fascinating to come to understand how elements come together from basic, simple parts to form a complex structure such as an eye or a heart. 
All the cells, tissues, organs, and systems of our bodies had to be put together to form all of these, and all are based on protein.

But, have you ever stopped to wonder how your body was formed and how it keeps renewing itself ?  Every day, cells in our bodies wear out and die, and every day new cells are made that help keep the whole organism alive. 
Your body is in a constant state of renewal, and when protein is needed, amino acids must help to supply it.

We need around 19 amino acids to maintain our bodies every day.  To an extent, we are able to handle some of this ourselves, as everyone’s body will make 10 different amino acids daily – but, the other 9 must come from dietary sources. 
And, although we do make a significant number of amino acids, there is no means to store them from day to day; what we do not use are simply discarded.  If amino acids from the diet are unavailable, the body will actually start to break down tissues that contain protein, such as muscle tissue.  This creates a danger to the integrity of the body, and can cause wasting and leave the individual more susceptible to disease.

Super fruits, in particular acai berry, are an excellent way to get some of these important protein-building amino acids into your body.  Acai berry actually contains 19 vital amino acids including Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids
Although Omega 9 fatty acid is not considered to be as important as Omega 3 or 6, it has the ability to take the place of the other two if needs be, if either of them is in short supply. 
Nerves are what carry messages of all kinds through our bodies, but like every other part, will need regular replacement to function well.  Omega 3 fatty acids are great at building up nerve tissue, including the neural connections in the brain.  Acai berry supplies this amino acid, which can help to maintain mental sharpness, especially as we age.

Omega 6 amino acids are considered to not only be good for the skin generally, but might have some use in controlling autoimmune skin diseases like psoriasis.  This group of amino acids is also beneficial to the hair, and in controlling autoimmune diseases. 

Acai berry supplies you with a sufficient amount of all the essential amino acids that can help you to maintain your health.  While it would be theoretically possible to get these amino acids from your normal diet, many people simply do not eat the foods that would provide them regularly.  Adding acai berry can help make sure that you are able to benefit from these amino acids every day.


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