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Kou Tea, Oolong Tea, Puerh Tea, white Tea, green Tea, diet loss, lose belly fat, how to lose weight, weight loss teas



Kou Tea

Kou Tea, Oolong Tea, Puerh Tea, white Tea, green Tea, diet loss, lose belly fat, how to lose weight, weight loss teas


What’s the Best Way to Lose Weight in a Hurry – And Keep it Off?

Whether youneed a fast healthy diet or have achieved your target weight and want to maintain your post-diet shape -this article is for you!

Here’s a rundown of what the British Dietetic Association thinks of the latest diets.

The British Dietetic Association (BDA) hasjust voted this the Worst Diet of the Year for the third year running!

It’s unhealthy, with side effects including constipation and low energy levels.  It permanently changes your metabolic system and leads to Yo-Yo weight gain!

This horrible idea suggests you eat nothing for ten days.  You get nutrition from a liquid which is dripped into your stomach through a plastic tube up the nosethat is taped on to your face. Ugh!

Similar to KEN, this is what hospitals use to treat severely malnourished patients. Apparently,this dietingmethod has been used by Rihanna and Simon Cowell.

However, do remember that celebrities are paid thousands of dollars to appear for carefully organised photo ops, or Tweets, that are nothing more than a slyway of advertising hard-to-sell, expensive and dangerous products like this!

More punishment – with black coffee and exercise early in the morning. Then, to create thermogenesis,which speeds up your metabolism to burn-off more calories, you’re supposed to sit in a cold bath!

Extreme dieting shifts your body into survival mode, so your metabolism stopsburning calories and tries to conserve as much fat as possible!

A vast amount of international scientific researchinto obesity-treatments consistently shows that people who follow their normal diet and just drink tea from the Camellia Sinensis plant lose weight quickly and safely. 

The four teas produced from this plant all promote thermogenetic fat-burning automatically – without you having to cut a single calorie or take extra exercise!

Green tea – the high levels of catechins in all of the four teas produces a natural and safe fat-burning process in your body. 

Oolong tea–also a natural appetite suppressant to stop hunger pangs

Pu-erh tea – acts on the digestive system and keeps your stomach feeling full and satisfied for longer after meals.  It also drains away the fatty fluids that cause bloating and discomfort.

White teaRestricts the production of new fat-cells in the future!

So you’ll stop over-eating and snacking - without hunger pangs - burn up lots more calories andyour body will be prevented from storing excess fat in the future! Bingo!

Check the facts for yourself!  All of the studies and the great results proving natural obesity-busting properties of these teas are available for anyone to read on the internet.

If you drink these 4 anti-fat teas in a synergetic blend, the potency of the active ingredients is increased by ten-fold!

This is a recognized scientific process allowing the fat-reducing properties to interact and support each other to increase the overall fat-loss potency by 10 times.

By drinking a synergetic blend of the teas every day, you could easily drop two sizes in 4 – 5 weeks - healthily!  And you’ll never gain excess weight for as long as you keep up the tea-drinking habit.

The best way to lose weight in a hurry and keep it off – without dieting or exercise – is scientifically proven and available to everyone!

Kou tea is a synergetic blend of the finest quality Green, Oolong, Pu-erh and White teas, conveniently packaged in tea bags, allowing you to enjoy a delicious cup of tea at home, at work and on any occasion.

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Kou Tea, Oolong Tea, Puerh Tea, white Tea, green Tea, diet loss, lose belly fat, how to lose weight, weight loss teas